I am Babyna Vincent!

A food blogger, an entrepreneur and a wordpress expertise. Most days, you will find me in the kitchen making delicious delicacies for my loved ones, at the gym or on my system building sites for people. I am lucky to connect with and inspire people all around the world. i work with people who are learning how to cook or wanting to try out new cooking methods. This is where I’m going to share all of my new adventures, entrepreneurship ideas, cooking tips, reviews, past life experiences and other awesome stuffs with you. Tag along for all my bewildering moments! Looking back I never imagined I was going to own a blog of my own I still remembered trying out different businesses, unsure of my future and what it would entail. Fast forward to today and here we are I’m a proud student, entrepreneur, blogger, small chef and now navigating through my very first blog post, reminiscing about the past and anxious to share the future. Keep up with me and follow my journey ❤