15-year-old girl’s pr*vate parts badly damaged and decaying after being repeatedly r@ped by four men in Imo

A 15-year-old girl suffered catastrophic genital injuries after being raped repeatedly by four guys in Imo State.

According to LIB, on Thursday, August 3, 2023, an Owerri Magistrate’s Court remanded the four accused, Amarachi Nwodo, 39, David Ajuka, 22, Chima Uwandu, 43, and Osinachi Okoro, 22, to a correctional facility.

Chidiebube Okeoma, a journalist who corroborated the newest development, claimed her private parts are seriously damaged and decomposing.

According to him, the kid was brought to Owerri’s Umuguma Specialist General Hospital and has been scheduled for more examinations, laboratory tests, and a consultation with surgeons on Monday, August 7.

“Wow! What a day!” I just drove out of the Umuguma Specialists General Hospital, where I had transported the minor who had been repeatedly defiled by four males. Today was a marathon of appointments, with me going back and forth from the ER to the pharmacy to the accounts office. Despite the fact that her case is extremely sensitive, she has been scheduled for additional examinations and laboratory testing tomorrow, as well as a consultation with surgeons on Monday. Despite the fact that her private portion is severely wounded, I know God will see her through. I went her mother to the grocery before we left to acquire her supplies, food, and toiletries. Thank you especially to Dr. Uche Ewelike and Chizitere Ahubelem for your concerns. God’s blessings on you. Please notify us.”Today, I spent the entire day at Umuguma Specialists General Hospital in Owerri, and we had all the medical tests sanctioned by the doctors performed for the 15-year-old girl who was repeatedly defiled by four men.”

“The results are expected later today and tomorrow.” She is scheduled to meet with the consulting surgeons at lunchtime on Monday. We were instructed to pray that her rotting private area is not malignant. It is a day well spent in the service of God and humanity for me. I’ll be returning to the hospital on Monday to meet with the surgeons on my way out. Let us continue to pray for her. You may help the underprivileged child by