21-year-old bride-to-be dies days after getting a ‘dream’ boob job to show off her cleavage in low-cut wedding dress

A 21-year-old bride-to-be named Alessia Neboso from Italy passed away just days after undergoing breast implant surgery in hopes of flaunting her cleavage in a low-cut wedding dress. Alessia, a beautician, had aspirations of marrying her longtime boyfriend, Mario Lucchesi.

Soon after the surgery, Alessia began experiencing health issues, including a high fever, fatigue, cough, weakness, and gastrointestinal problems. As her condition deteriorated, she was taken to the emergency room at the Villa dei Fiori Clinic in Acerra near Naples, Italy. By the time she was admitted on September 20, her condition was critical.

Dr. Feliciano Ciccarelli, who treated Alessia, noted that her functional indicators were severely altered. Tests revealed that she was suffering from sepsis, affecting her lungs. Despite efforts to stabilize her and provide medical assistance, Alessia tragically died from a cardiac arrest a few hours later.

A close friend revealed that Alessia’s dream was to get married in a low-cut dress that would highlight her new cleavage. She had always been self-conscious about her breasts and desired to enhance them. Despite advice against the surgery, Alessia was determined to proceed with the breast enlargement. She had chosen to undergo the procedure at a plastic surgery clinic.

Alessia’s family has filed a complaint, prompting a police investigation to uncover the circumstances surrounding her tragic passing. They seek answers and justice, expressing the need for accountability if any liabilities are identified, hoping to shed light on what transpired during the surgery.