41-year-old teacher who threatened to shoot Trump’s 17 year old son is accused of stalking the teenager at his high school

A former social studies teacher, Tracy Marie Fiorenza, has recently been apprehended for making threats to harm former US President Donald Trump and his son Barron, aged 17. This alarming incident follows her earlier alleged behavior of stalking Barron Trump at his high school in Florida.

Fiorenza, 41, was taken into custody on Monday in Chicago on charges of transmitting threats to kill or injure, marking a distressing turn of events after months of reported stalking behavior. Authorities in Palm Beach, Florida had previously questioned her in March outside Oxbridge Academy, where Barron was a student at the time.

During her recent court hearing, Florida prosecutors argued for Fiorenza to be held without bond, emphasizing that her encounters with law enforcement and the school indicated that her threats were not mere online rhetoric. Fiorenza had numerous outbursts during the hearing, contesting the accusations against her and asserting that she had been attempting to bring attention to alleged lapses in the school’s reporting protocols.

Fiorenza’s claims, however, went beyond the scope of the case, as she voiced conspiracy theories, including an assertion that Donald Trump was involved in a pedophile ring and that the government used ‘remote sexual stimulation’ on her former students in Chicago. These claims were met with skepticism from both the court and her own attorney.

The history of Fiorenza’s interactions with Barron’s school underscores the disturbing nature of her behavior. A security guard had previously reported her presence on the school premises in March, identifying her as a ‘known stalker of a high-profile student.’ Fiorenza was warned for trespassing on that occasion but continued to make troubling contact with the school, including a series of calls in October expressing dissatisfaction with the school’s procedures.

Further evidence of her alleged threats came to light when she sent emails in May and June, indicating her intention to harm both Donald and Barron Trump. Secret Service agents were involved in investigating these threats and met with Fiorenza in Chicago, where she admitted to sending the emails.

During the recent court hearing, prosecutors expressed concerns about Fiorenza’s potential danger to the community, acknowledging that mental health issues might be contributing to her behavior. Fiorenza’s court-appointed lawyer argued that her claims might be unconventional but didn’t necessarily imply an aggressive nature.

In the midst of these legal proceedings, Fiorenza’s demeanor fluctuated between outbursts and claims of being rational, indicating a complex and unsettling situation. As the case unfolds, it highlights the delicate balance between mental health concerns and potential threats to public safety.