6 Things I am Loving Right Now (you might love one)

things I’m currently in love with

With everything that is going on right now, I was feeling sick and a little overwhelmed. So, i decided to write down a list of things which i am grateful for. The past few weeks i have been reading the things which others are loving. I fell in love with some of them. Most importantly, i made up my mind to write down 6 things i am loving right now, I bet you might love one too.

Although, others do vlog theirs but me I’m just gonna stick with blogging. Because, i get so shy in front of the camera. especially when it stares at me for a longer period. This list contains personal stuffs too sincerely i feel like here is my safe place. Anyone reading this might want to join the family please don’t hesitate to okay i would love to have you on here.

With this short intro of mine lets get straight into the 6 things i am loving right now don’t forget you might love one too.

Asuu strike

Asuu strike currently one of the things i am loving right now

Gone are the days when we use to cry that assu should call off strike lol 😂. Asuu strike began in the early month of the year February 14th on valantine’s day. They decided to serve us breakfast, i think i went for lecture that morning before the strike was declared. And, into the afternoon it was all over the news that asuu strike just began. The next day i packed my stuffs and left the school. The first few months i hated the strike, i wanted it to be called off as soon as possible. But right now i am loving it more than ever.

At least, i have time to focus more on important things work and workout. Not like when i have to ake up as early as 6am for lectures. I hope school resumes next year so i can round up everything.

Bbn Show

BIAIG BROTHER NAIJA (BBN) 6 things i am loving right now
big brother naija

I am always late to watch this show mostly their task and eviction sometimes too nepa light. For some reason I had no idea This years own was going to be interesting. I started watching it last month and flew through knowing most of the housemates. It’s so fascinating to me to watch some of the things people can do independently on live tv and also listening to the struggles and obstacles they have overcome. 10/10 recommend you to watch it.

Curly hair (the 6 things i am loving right now don’t forget you might love one too).

One of the 6 things i am loving right now is curly hair. I was travelling and then i discovered i had darling attachments about 2 packs for my hair. I ordered 1 more pair plus a bonnet and I am so excited to be so beautiful and elegant after using it to make my hair.

Curly wigs have also been on my list too just give me any hair that has curls on it you will make my day.


This is the most important thing to me on this list. Most people take less of their time to care for them selves. What is self-care? Self-care is simply defined as the practice of individuals looking after their own health, using the knowledge and information available to them. As humans, we need to make the decision to look after our health efficiently and conveniently. Because if we don’t, our health status may keep detracting which is bad but i tell you now, that you should make self care a priority. Thank me later because you would be glad you did.


As a blogger, I’m currently loving the aspect of writing and reading now. Most importantly is the reading for me i am discovering different words daily which is helping me in my communication and writings.

This is one of the 6 things i am loving right now don’t forget you might love one too. i think you should give it a trial take out a book you have been longing to read for ages and start reading you will definitely find out something new.

Social Media ( 6 things i am loving right now don’t forget you might love one too).

The last but not the least on my list of items which i am loving right now is social media. The internet has really taken over the world everything most people do now is online. from paying bills to shopping to buying food etc is online. Social media is a fun place filled with memes, jokes , people and a whole lots of other stuffs. Social media is a website that enables users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. i will share with you some of the social media applications i am currently enjoying.

  • twitter
  • facebook
  • tumblr
  • meduim
  • instagram
  • quora

Try them out and don’t forget to leave a list of things you are currently loving in the comment for me because i outlined the 6 things i am loving right now you might love one too. Thanks for reading, kindly follow me on pinterest i have some great pins.