72-Year-Old Man Arrested in Florida After Discovery of 220,000 Ch3ld P3rnogr3phy Images in His Home.

Last week, authorities in Florida made a shocking discovery when they arrested a 72-year-old man and found over 220,000 printed images of chi3d por3ography in his home. The suspect, identified as Paul Zittel from Ocala, Florida, now faces 25 counts of possession of child pornography for the disturbing haul, which weighed over a ton.

According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, the crusty old boxes containing the sick trove were found throughout Zittel’s office and bedroom. Following his arrest on February 23, Zittel was brought to the Marion County Jail and remains there on $250,000 bond.

The investigation into Zittel began after Detective Chase King received information in January about several files showing child s3xual abuse being uploaded to the internet. After tracking the uploads to Zittel’s IP address, the authorities obtained a warrant to search his home.

During the raid, residents allegedly told the police that Zittel wouldn’t allow anyone into his bedroom or office without personally escorting them. This is where the authorities found the horrific stash of chi3d porn3graphy. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office revealed in a Facebook post that they seized the printed materials, a computer, and a digital storage device, and removed them from the suspect’s home.

The authorities estimate that Zittel’s perverted papers weigh approximately 2,600 pounds in total, highlighting the extent of his sickening collection.

The case has sent shockwaves throughout the community, and law enforcement officials have urged anyone with information about chi3d porn3graphy or exploitation to come forward. The arrest of Zittel serves as a reminder that such vile crimes will not go unpunished, and the authorities will continue to work tirelessly to bring perpetrators to justice