A woman plunged to her Demise over Niagara Falls while holding her five-year-old son, who miraculously survived the incident.

On February 12, a tragic incident occurred at Niagara Falls where a 34-year-old mother from Illinois jumped from a 90-foot cliff onto the frozen banks of the Niagara Falls gorge while holding her five-year-old son. The woman did not survive, but the child miraculously did, albeit with a head injury. According to state police, the mother had deliberately climbed over a railing on Goat Island in Niagara State Park before the incident took place.

The woman’s body was found near the Cave of the Winds complex, which is situated on the US side of the falls that straddle the border with Canada. She was airlifted out of the gorge by the New York State Police Aviation unit.

The boy was transported to Oishei Children’s Hospital in Buffalo, where he underwent surgery and was reported to be in critical condition. The incident is being treated as a suicide attempt by the state police, who are currently investigating. The woman was visiting Niagara Falls with her husband and son, and the police are interviewing witnesses to gather more information.

Niagara Falls is a popular tourist destination, and the incident left many visitors in shock. The tragedy also highlighted the danger of the site, which has claimed several lives in the past. Rescuers had to traverse over 300 feet of dangerous icy terrain to reach the victims.

The difficult terrain made it challenging for rescuers to provide life-saving care to the boy. However, they were able to carry the child to safety using the Cave of the Winds elevator. The Niagara Falls Firefighters were able to traverse the bottom of the gorge up the ice to where the mother and son had landed.