According to a recent claim made by a police squad in China, they have trained squirrels to detect the smell of drugs.

The use of animals to aid in law enforcement is not a new concept. In many countries, including the United States, drug-sniffing dogs are a common sight, accompanying police officers on patrols and raids. However, the Chinese police force seems to have taken things a step further by training a new troop of drug-sniffing animals: squirrels.

According to local news outlets, Chinese police sources have confirmed that they have trained squirrels to detect the smell of drugs. The rodents’ exceptional sense of smell and flexibility are said to make them uniquely suited for the task. It is not clear how the police were able to train the squirrels, but it is speculated that the animals were trained using positive reinforcement techniques, similar to those used to train dogs.

While the use of squirrels for law enforcement is certainly a novel concept, it remains to be seen whether it will be effective. Some critics have pointed out that squirrels might not be as well-suited for the task as dogs, given that the animals are less trainable and have a shorter attention span. However, others have praised the Chinese police force for their innovative approach to fighting drug crime.

Despite the fact that the squirrels have not yet been deployed, news of the initiative has already gone viral on Chinese social media. Many Chinese citizens seem to be excited about the idea of using squirrels for law enforcement, and some have even suggested that the animals could be used for other tasks, such as detecting explosives or tracking down missing persons.

It is worth noting that the use of animals for law enforcement has been controversial in the past, with some critics arguing that it is cruel and unethical to subject animals to dangerous and stressful situations. However, many law enforcement agencies have defended the practice, arguing that it is an effective and humane way to fight crime. It remains to be seen whether the use of squirrels for law enforcement will become more widespread in China, or whether it will remain a novelty.