“Adultery is not a criminal offence” – Rivers FIDA chairperson says

Adata Bio-Briggs, the Chairperson of the Rivers State branch of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), has clarified that adultery is not considered a criminal offense. She emphasized that while a spouse can indeed file a lawsuit for adultery, this can only proceed with substantial and credible evidence to support the claim.

In a Facebook post on Monday, August 14, Bio-Briggs pointed out that adultery holds no status as a criminal act. Instead, it falls within the domain of personal matters between spouses. She further explained that if the aggrieved spouse chooses to forgive and overlook the incident (also known as condoning the act), legal action becomes unviable.

Bio-Briggs shared her insights with the intention of providing clarity on the matter. She concluded her post by highlighting the importance of presenting reliable evidence when pursuing legal action related to adultery.

To quote her exact words from the post:

“Adultery is not a criminal offence. Only a spouse can sue for adultery. If the spouse condones the act, then it is finished. No action can be maintained. I have done my good deed for the day by sharing the above information. Please before you bring any matter that you want us to sue, please come with your reliable EVIDENCE.”