After JAPA – How Long It Took To Make Your First 100 Million

“I am a software engineer based in Nigeria who works remotely and earns a seven-figure monthly salary. Based on my current income and the average exchange rate of 850 Naira to 1 US dollar, it would take me approximately 6.6 years to save up 100 million Naira if I had no dependents and only had to cover my own expenses during that time. I understand that this is a simplified projection, as various factors can influence financial goals over the years.

I’m interested in hearing from Nigerians who have lived or are living abroad. Could you please share the country you are or were in, your job title, and an estimate of how long it would take you to save up 100 million Naira, assuming you had no dependents and only had to cover your personal expenses? Please take into account any taxes and living expenses for yourself alone in your response.

I’m asking this question to gain insight into the financial prospects of working abroad compared to staying in Nigeria. I’d like to understand if it’s worth considering selling valuable assets to relocate and start anew. I appreciate if your responses could focus on the financial aspect without delving into broader issues related to the country’s situation or other personal reasons for relocating.”