Air hostess s3x ring busted after three stewardesses offering s3x for £2,000 a night are caught in bed with men in a hotel (photos)

Three stewardesses who were giving s3x for £2,360 per night were found in bed with men in a hotel in Vietnam, leading to the discovery of an air hostess s3x ring.Police busted a s3x ring that charged rich clients up to £2,360 per night for the services of up to 30 cabin crew members who were also working as escorts. On Wednesday, August 9, in a high-end hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, police allegedly discovered three active flight attendants in beds with various males.A fourth woman, a model, was also detained while having a s3xual encounter with a patron.


On Le Thi Rieng Street in a posh neighborhood of the city, the group was frogmarched out of the structure.

The 26-year-old suspected ringleader Vo Thi My Hanh was also detained by police after her arrest. To entice customers, she allegedly showed guys images of her ladies dressed in airline uniforms.

According to police, Vo Thi My Hanh worked as an air hostess for national carrier Vietnam Airlines until quitting a few months ago to concentrate on being a full-time madam while simultaneously meeting clients. She has appeared in uniform with aircraft.



According to police, Vo Thi My Hanh is currently being detained on accusations of prostitution and s3x services brokering.’On August 9, 2023, the Criminal Police Department presided over and cooperated with the District 1 Police to deploy the plan to demolish the s3x ring,’ the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department said in a statement on Thursday.

“A hotel on Le Thi Rieng Street in the Ben Thanh ward of District 1 was inspected, and the officers discovered four prostitutes in four of the rooms.” All of them were in their twenties and included three flight attendants and one model.Vo Thi My Hanh, the suspect, was taken into custody for s3x brokering.


The four women claimed to be employed by the suspect who bought them for $1,000 (£787) to $3,000 (£2,360) each at the hotel when they arrived at the police station. They acknowledged doing the crime.Vo Thi My Hanh acknowledged reaching out to numerous flight attendants, “hot girls,” and photo models before sending images of prostitutes dressed as flight attendants to entice clients to pay them for s3x.


The buyers, according to the officers, would send the funds to Vo Thi My Hanh, who would then set up the meeting between the men and the cabin crew, many of whom were her former coworkers and young women from other airlines.

Amazingly, some guys would even employ two flight attendants at once for threesomes all night.”The suspect Vo Thi My Hanh also directly participated in selling s3x to herself buyers in the city of Hanoi, Ba Ria, and Vung Tau,” the statement continued.

“At this time, the Criminal Police Department, City Public Security, and Investigative Police Department continue to gather documents and evidence while conducting an investigation and carefully managing the case in accordance with the law.

The Investigation Police Agency requests the suspect’s aides to report to the Criminal Police Department’s headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City in order to turn themselves in and receive pardons.Vo Thi My Hanh, an alleged high-class prostitute, allegedly offered her former coworkers extra money while they were on layovers in Vietnam. In the metropolis, she also sought out models.

Police assert that she had at least 30 women on her client list.


They were primarily air hostesses who had undergone testing interviews to see whether they were attractive enough and had the ideal physique to work for the airline. As a result, they were ideal for wealthy clientele from around the world who were willing to pay high prices.According to rumors, Vo Thi My Hanh would charge seven million VND (£231) for each reservation.


For a 90-minute session with the girls or an overnight stay, she charged males £787.

The madam allegedly earned more than one billion VND (£33,000) for herself in a matter of months, according to the police.



On her social media pages, she can be seen serving as a member of the cabin crew for Vietnam Airlines and greeting VIP passengers. Additionally, she shared images of herself on yachts and traveling to opulent locations.