Alleged Fiancé Accuses Nigerian Gospel Singer of Dumping Him After Career Investment

Favor Ibex, allegedly the fiancé and manager of Nigerian gospel singer Amaka Gift, has accused her of leaving him for another man after he invested significantly in her career for a span of nine years.

Taking to Facebook on August 28, 2023, Favour, who owns a broadcasting and media firm, shared his account of the situation. He revealed that he and Amaka initially met through her local church choir and dated for three years before he introduced her to the music industry in 2017.

According to Favour, he and Amaka had become betrothed and sought blessings from their families. However, they chose to keep their relationship private to avoid impacting her gospel career and education. He emphasized that he was waiting for her to graduate before performing her traditional marriage rites.

Favour detailed the extent of his investment in Amaka’s career, including creating and growing her social media accounts, shooting videos, promoting her content, organizing concerts, and even furnishing her apartment with amenities. He claimed that he did all of this to support her artistic growth and comfort.

Trouble reportedly began when Favour introduced Amaka to another artist, Maxy Michael, for a collaboration. He asserted that he later observed videos and pictures of Amaka and Maxy in compromising positions. When confronted, Amaka admitted to being in a relationship with Maxy and attempted to change the passwords of her social media accounts to exclude Favour.

Favour’s post aimed to shed light on the situation and clarify the temporary takedown of Amaka’s social media accounts. He expressed deep disappointment and felt betrayed after nine years of supporting Amaka’s career and aspirations. He also revealed that their fathers had blessed their union, and he had been waiting for her graduation before performing the traditional marriage rites.

This story underscores the complexities that can arise in personal relationships, especially when intertwined with professional endeavors. It also highlights the importance of communication, trust, and transparency in maintaining healthy relationships and collaborations.