An 11-year-old North Korean girl has gained a following on YouTube by discussing “Harry Potter” and water parks, marking a shift in the country’s propaganda approach.

According to 11-year-old YouTuber Song A, North Korea is a great place for kids. Song A, who recently completed 5th grade, has built a following on YouTube with her videos showcasing the many amusement parks and activities for children in Pyongyang. She speaks in a charming British accent, saying, “If you come to Pyongyang, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the fun places you can visit, like Munsu Water Park, Central Zoo, Roller Skate Park and many others.” She has gained around 21,000 subscribers in just 9 months by painting a picture of a joyful and carefree life in North Korea’s capital.

Her channel is one of several North Korean YouTube accounts that have emerged since 2022, which researchers say are likely part of a concerted propaganda effort to rebrand the tightly restricted country’s image as a model society, CNN first reported.

Other North Korean YouTubers have shared videos of them engaging in everyday activities like eating popsicles, going fishing, exercising at the gym, and grocery shopping. In Song A’s videos, she showcases her love for outdoor activities like swimming and rock climbing, enjoys flavored shaved ice with her friend, and takes dance lessons from her aunt. She provides commentary in English, a language she learned from her mother who taught her since a young age. Song A proudly states that she knew more than 50 English words since she started speaking. Her favorite book is “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” which she shows off in one of her videos with a Mandarin label on the cover.