At the Hallmark Channel, Wonya Lucas is implementing significant changes.

Wonya Lucas was appointed CEO of Hallmark Media in mid-2020, with a mandate to keep the brand intact while disrupting its playbook. Lucas, who previously worked at Turner Broadcasting, the Discovery Channel, The Weather Channel, and household consumer companies like Coca-Cola and Clorox, has helped Hallmark diversify its casts and storylines. Her colleagues point to her brand consciousness, which has allowed her to make changes while staying true to the Hallmark brand. Lucas’ tenure at Hallmark Media has seen more films centered on self-love, as well as more storylines featuring plus-size women, autistic children, and other marginalized groups. The channel is also leaning more into content throughout the year, with themes like summer travel and weddings. Under Lucas, Hallmark’s “Countdown to Christmas” movie slate has increasingly changed, with hits like “Three Wise Men and a Baby,” which featured a non-romantic storyline, attracting an average of 3.6 million viewers. Lucas has also pushed for more diversity in casting and storylines, with the goal of making Hallmark more relatable to a larger audience.