Ayanda Thabethe celebrates son’s first birthday amidst baby daddy’s alleged fraud investigation

Ayanda Thabethe is a well-known media personality in South Africa who has been in the public eye for many years. She has gained popularity through her work as a television presenter, model, and actress. However, her personal life has also attracted attention, especially since the birth of her son, PJ.

Recently, Ayanda has been in the news due to allegations of fraud against her baby daddy, Peter Matsimbe. According to reports from City Press, Matsimbe has been accused of defrauding Standard Bank to acquire luxury cars. It is alleged that he fled with ten luxury cars, including a BMW X5, a McLaren MP4 Coupé, a Can-Am Maverick, a Lexus SUV, an LX, a Toyota Landcruiser, and a Hilux. The value of the cars is estimated to be around R22m. Matsimbe has acknowledged the fraud scandal but has not yet made any official statements regarding the investigation.

Despite the controversy surrounding her baby daddy, Ayanda seems to be focusing on the positive aspects of her life as a new mother. In a recent Instagram post, she celebrated her son’s first year of life and reflected on how motherhood has changed her life. She expressed gratitude to God for the gift of her child, whom she has chosen to enjoy privately alongside her supportive and loving partner.

While Ayanda has not commented on the allegations against Matsimbe, the story has been widely reported in South African media. Many people are following the investigation closely to see how the situation will unfold. Some are wondering if there will be any impact on Ayanda’s personal and professional life.

Ayanda has been known for her glamorous lifestyle, which has often been flaunted on social media. She has been seen driving luxury cars and living a lavish lifestyle, which has made her a subject of envy for many. However, the recent allegations against her baby daddy have raised questions about the source of her wealth. Some people have been speculating that Ayanda may have been involved in the fraud scheme or may have benefitted from it in some way. However, there is no evidence to support these claims, and Ayanda has not been implicated in any way.