Bayern Munich may sell Sadio Mane for punching Leroy Sane

The news of Sadio Mane’s alleged attack on Leroy Sane during Bayern Munich’s Champions League match against Manchester City has sent shockwaves throughout the football community. As one of the most high-profile players in the world, Mane’s actions have been met with widespread condemnation, and there is growing speculation that his future at the club is now in doubt.

It all started on the pitch when Mane and Sane were seen having a heated argument during the game. Things quickly escalated once the players returned to the dressing room, where Mane reportedly punched Sane in the face, causing significant bruising and swelling.

The incident has caused significant concern amongst the Bayern Munich hierarchy, with reports suggesting that the board is now considering a range of options to discipline Mane. According to Sky Germany journalist Florian Plettenburg, the punishment for the Senegalese forward is likely to “go beyond a fine”, with options being discussed including a suspension or even a complete separation between the club and player.

This potential fallout from the incident has left many wondering what the future holds for Mane at Bayern Munich. The Senegalese star has been a key player for the team since his transfer from Liverpool in 2020, and his departure would be a significant blow to the squad.

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However, the incident has also highlighted the growing tensions between Mane and Sane, which could have wider implications for the team’s performance. Both players are known for their competitive nature and drive to win, but this incident has demonstrated that their passions can sometimes boil over in a negative way.

Despite the severity of the incident, Mane is said to be keen to make amends with his teammates, and is set to apologize to the squad at training today. Whether this will be enough to save his future at Bayern Munich remains to be seen, but it is clear that the consequences of his actions could be significant.