#BBNaijaAllstar: Alex and CeeC clash over task (video)

The atmosphere in the BBNaija All Star house reached a boiling point this morning as tensions escalated between two former housemates from the ‘Double Wahala’ edition, Alex and CeeC. It all started when Big Brother assigned them a task for a movie shoot, and Alex was chosen by some of the housemates to be the director of the project. However, the collaborative effort quickly turned into a heated confrontation between the two women.

During the task, Alex expressed her dissatisfaction, accusing CeeC of not fully participating and contributing to the project. On the other hand, CeeC fired back, claiming that Alex had not provided the necessary materials and support required for her to make a meaningful contribution to the task.

As the housemates gathered in the lounge this morning to discuss the outcome of the task, emotions ran high, and the once friendly atmosphere turned tense. Alex and CeeC exchanged heated words and accusations, reigniting the old flame of their past conflicts from the 2018 Double Wahala edition.

The clash between Alex and CeeC has brought back memories of their infamous feud from five years ago. Their animosity towards each other seems to have resurfaced, and they find themselves once again at odds within the BBNaija All Star house.

The video capturing their intense clash has quickly spread across social media, capturing the attention of fans and viewers who are closely following the All Star edition. The housemates’ confrontation has added a new layer of drama and excitement to the show, leaving viewers eager to witness how this ongoing feud will unfold in the coming days.

As the tension between Alex and CeeC continues to escalate, the other housemates and Big Brother himself will undoubtedly play pivotal roles in managing the situation and ensuring that the show’s spirit remains intact. It remains to be seen whether this clash will be resolved amicably or if it will further escalate, adding even more drama and intrigue to the BBNaija All Star edition.

As fans eagerly await the next episodes to see how this drama unfolds, one thing is certain: the clash between Alex and CeeC has injected a surge of energy and excitement into the All Star house, making it an unmissable spectacle for BBNaija enthusiasts around the world.