Become The Woman Of your dreams in 2023/ how to reinvent yourself

1. Identify yourself

Become the woman of your dreams in 2023/ how to reinvent yourself. This is very personal to you this is not just about another person. Ask yourself what does your dream woman look to you? This is about you, Your definition of success might not be my definition of success. Your best version of yourself will definitely not be the best version of myself. for example your own definition of success could be renting an apartment, my own definiton could be having my first property ever while someones own definition of success could be moving out of his or her own parents house and sharing an apartment with her firends. To her she is successful and it doesnt mean that her own definition of success is invalid, and it doesnt mean that your own definition is invalid and it doesnt mean that my own definition is invalid. At the end of the day it all comes down to you as a person and what you define success as. That is why the first thing to always consider is identity like who is this woman to you.

Now the tricky part is if you start to become the definition of my own success rather than the definiton of your own success you could read several blogs on the innternet and you could be like oh great for her but this is not for me. you could be inspired by my content but at the end of the day you could say oh great for babyna but this is not for me. At the end of the day you need to be so secured in your identity and in your sense of self. Identify this lady now, what does she like, how does she dress, where will you find here, what does she like to eat by the time you are able to answer all this you will know who you are. The kind of life you want to live, requires you to be outspoken why not work on it now why wait for that time to come? If you cannot learn those habits now, you cant do therm now it is going to be hard for you when you get there. Be that person now be the best version of yourself now. dont wait till you leave your parent hhouse before you start

2. Put yourself out there and stay disciplined

Start that podcast, start that online classes that you have always wanted to do. write that book. make that youtube video, go to that gym. You have always wanted to teach people things then do it, And be more intentional about it okay One of my new year goals is to be more intentional about the things i do so inother for me to have a soft life, i have to be more intentional about it. There are certain things i must not do because i know that i am trying to achieve a common goal. Basically put yourself out there, How will you know that something is not going to work if you dont try it liike how do you know? oh i dont want to do these kind of videos because nobody will watch it like how do you know? or you say oh i dont want make that podcast because no body will listen to it like how do you know. See most times i feel like we complicate so many things in our lives like we want to live a complicated life and it shouldnt be so. Maybe you did a business and it didnt work out try something else.

Dont stay there to cry and be sobber no that wont help you. Most of the time, i find myself in situations like this because i have tried something and it didnt work out and i just start to cry i am so sad and and angry. But i am just complicating things for myself because what i can do is to try again If you remain in that state of you being angry, of you being sad there is something that will keep on moving and that is time. Time waits for nobody stay discplined, stay grounded we know its not easy for me, starting is not a problem. I can legit start anything what has actually been a problem for me is consistency. I am a starter but the problem i have always had is maintaing that which i started. I always love to use the gym as an example, going to the gym, eating right, working out its always a struggle, everything i am writing here is so relatable to me and that is why i can sit down here and write about it. You literally need to get a routine and stick to it. Its not eaasy but setting goals can make this achievable for you. Basically you are being the woman you want to be by putting yourself out there and the only way you can do this is to stay grounded, consistent and stay disciplined

3, Self love

Finally i will say my last point is self love, like you are not in a competition with anybody so you have to love yourself genuinely like you are not in any competition with anybody. but yourself so you becomming the best version of yourself you are doing it for you. You are doing it because you love yourself. This wont work if you hate yourself currently and you should be mad about that, you should be mad your situation. Because when you get mad about yourself, its going to ginger you to step up your game, it will give you ginger to be productive, it will ginger you to step up your game. I will always say this if you feel like you are not where you want to be, be mad at your current position but never be mad at yourself.

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