Benue Varsity’s Deputy Bursar, aged 63, alleges spousal abuse by husband

The Deputy Bursar of Joseph Sarwuan Tarka University of Agriculture Makurdi in Benue State, Mrs. Margaret Gwebe, has been allegedly subjected to domestic violence by her husband. This saddening development was brought to light by a Benue activist, Ukan Kurugh, who took to social media to expose the brutality that Mrs. Gwebe has endured for over 12 years.

In a Facebook post dated Wednesday, April 12, 2023, Kurugh stated that the 63-year-old mother of four has been a victim of constant abuse at the hands of her husband. He further revealed that the latest assault by the husband had landed Mrs. Gwebe in a hospital in Makurdi, where she is currently receiving treatment.

Kurugh also posted pictures of the battered Mrs. Gwebe and implored the public to speak up against the demons living amongst us. He stressed that it is high time to expose these perpetrators and bring an end to their heinous acts.

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Mrs. Margaret Gwebe, a Deputy Bursar at Joseph Sarwuan Tarka University of Agriculture Makurdi, has been married for 40 years and has three children (two boys and a girl), none of whom reside within the country. It is heart-wrenching to learn that she has been enduring such a traumatic experience for over a decade, and her husband has continued to inflict harm on her.

Kurugh also urged the public not to judge Mrs. Gwebe but to focus on the fight to end domestic violence and liberate humanity. This is an issue that affects millions of people worldwide, and it is crucial that we come together to protect victims and bring their abusers to justice.

The case of Mrs. Margaret Gwebe is yet another reminder that domestic violence is a serious problem that must be addressed promptly. It is unacceptable that anyone should have to endure physical, emotional, or psychological abuse in their own home. We must all speak out against domestic violence and work together to end this scourge once and for all.