Billionaire tech tycoon, Bryan Johnson whose quest is to live forever reveals why he takes 110 pills a day

Bryan Johnson, a billionaire tech visionary with aspirations of achieving immortality, has divulged intricate details about his intricate daily regimen aimed at extending his life to its utmost potential.

Aged 45 and based in California, Johnson, a prominent figure in the tech sector, recently engaged in a discussion on the Diary of a CEO Podcast hosted by Steven Bartlett. During this conversation, he revealed his fervent belief that certain practices could potentially grant him eternal youth. Among these practices, he emphasized maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, abstaining from eating beyond 11 am, and ingesting an astonishing 111 pills on a daily basis.

Central to Johnson’s pursuit is his profound desire to elude mortality. He adamantly adheres to a lifestyle that endeavors to stretch the boundaries of human longevity, a mission that has led him to undertake unconventional endeavors, including injecting his 17-year-old son’s plasma.

In his words, “I’m revolting against the culture of death.” He views himself as a harbinger of a new concept for humanity’s betterment. He vocalized this sentiment, stating, “In the 21st Century, the only goal is not to die. It’s the rallying cry for the 21st Century, those two words: ‘don’t die.'”

Johnson’s journey to his current philosophy has roots in his Mormon upbringing and his struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. He expressed concern that neglecting self-care earlier in life might have had detrimental effects on his well-being.

To guide his decisions, Johnson relies heavily on algorithms, relinquishing decision-making authority from his mind. He places paramount importance on sleep quality, boasting a consistent 100 percent sleep quality rating for six consecutive months. He prioritizes sleep to the extent that he adheres to a strict bedtime of 8:30 pm, even at the expense of his social life.

Upon waking up, Johnson deliberately refrains from interacting with anyone for four to five hours to allow his mind the space to “think.” He dives deep into introspection, although he acknowledges that even seemingly innocent inquiries about his well-being can disrupt this process.

In terms of diet, Johnson allots himself 2250 plant-based calories per day, consumed strictly between 6 am and 11 am. Even his approach to alcohol consumption is unique; he recommends consuming wine in the morning, limiting intake to 3 oz per day.

Moreover, his dietary choices are meticulous. He commences his day with a bowl of nutrient-rich “super veggies,” including broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, ginger, and hemp seeds, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and cacao. He maintains this diet’s salt-free nature, substituting potassium chloride for seasoning. Dark chocolate curbs sweet cravings, while a “dessert” comprising macadamia nuts and berries serves as a concluding meal.

Remarkably, Johnson’s diet also incorporates 111 pills, a regimen that accompanies his expenditure of $2 million annually for a medical team of over 30 experts. Their rigorous oversight involves intensive testing of his organs to engineer his body to resemble that of an 18-year-old.

Johnson’s dedication is evident in the comprehensive monitoring of his bodily functions, including 33,537 images of his bowels and data on his bone weight, nighttime erections, and more. Under the supervision of his medical team, he claims to have significantly reduced his biological age by over five years in just two years, achieving attributes comparable to much younger individuals.

His medical journey is spearheaded by Oliver Zolman, a 29-year-old doctor specializing in aging therapies.

Notably, Johnson’s rise in the tech realm includes founding Braintree Payment Solutions, a company he sold for $800 million in 2013. This substantial success has paved the way for his relentless pursuit of life extension and his unyielding belief in the potential of technology to transcend the limits of human existence.