Blueface Incurs $10,000 in Expenses to Replace TVs Damaged by Chrisean Rock.

Rapper Blueface Incurs $10,000 in Expenses to Replace Multiple Televisions Damaged by Chrisean Rock, an Individual Responsible for Vandalizing Property”

In this incident, Chrisean Rock, who is not affiliated with Blueface, reportedly damaged multiple televisions in a property owned by Blueface. As a result, Blueface had to replace all the damaged televisions, incurring an expense of $10,000.

The incident caused inconvenience to Blueface, and he had to take immediate action to replace the TVs to prevent further losses. Additionally, this act of vandalism is a criminal offense that could lead to legal consequences for Chrisean Rock.

This event highlights the importance of respecting other people’s property and the consequences that come with damaging it. It also emphasizes the importance of taking immediate action to minimize further damage and prevent any inconvenience to others.