BREAKING: “Barbie” officially becomes the highest-grossing Warner Bros. movie in history at the domestic box office, surpassing “The Dark Knight”

“Barbie” has officially secured its place as the highest-grossing film ever produced by Warner Bros., outshining even the monumental success of “The Dark Knight.” This accomplishment serves as a testament to the enduring popularity and global appeal of the Barbie franchise.

Directed by the talented Greta Gerwig, “Barbie” has continued to captivate audiences worldwide, solidifying its status as a true cinematic charmer. With a resounding global box office total of $1.184 billion, the film has not only achieved financial triumph but has also etched itself into the annals of entertainment history.

The recent weekend saw the “Barbie” phenomenon continue to flourish. The movie achieved an impressive milestone as Margot Robbie’s portrayal of the living doll propelled the film beyond the $1 billion mark. During its fourth weekend in theaters, “Barbie” maintained its magnetic pull on audiences, generating a remarkable $45.1 million across 75 international markets. This feat, despite a 47% decline, contributed to the film’s awe-inspiring international box office tally, now standing at an impressive $657.6 million.

As the weekend unfolded on the global stage, it was evident that studios were primarily focused on sustaining the momentum of their existing releases. Among the limited new releases was Sony’s “Gran Turismo: Based on a True Story,” which made its debut in a staggered release pattern. Meanwhile, a homegrown gem, the Chinese film “No More Bets,” added to the cinematic landscape in that region.

On the other hand, the Indian film scene witnessed a surge of new releases that propelled the industry to achieve a record-breaking weekend. The power of storytelling and creativity shone brightly as audiences flocked to theaters to experience the diverse array of narratives on offer.

In the grand tapestry of global cinema, “Barbie” has undoubtedly carved out a place of prominence. Its success not only underscores the allure of the iconic Barbie character but also highlights the enduring magic of storytelling on the silver screen. As the journey of “Barbie” continues to unfold, it serves as an inspiration to filmmakers, artists, and audiences alike, reminding us all of the limitless possibilities of cinematic storytelling and its ability to transcend boundaries and captivate hearts around the world.