BREAKING NEWS : Senator’s aide shot dead in Lagos

In a shocking and heart-wrenching incident, Mr. Adeniyi Sanni, a dedicated aide to Ogun State Senator Solomon Adeola, met a tragic end in the early hours of Saturday, August 5, in Lagos State. The horrifying incident unfolded at a checkpoint in Lagos, where Mr. Sanni was stopped and questioned about the documents of the vehicle he was driving.

According to reports, Mr. Sanni’s wife revealed that he went silent after being stopped at the checkpoint. Worried and anxious, she tried to reach out to him but received no response. The unimaginable truth emerged later when he was found with fatal bullet wounds.

The news of Mr. Sanni’s untimely demise was officially announced by Chief Kayode Odunaro, the Media Adviser to Senator Adeola. In a heartfelt statement, Chief Odunaro expressed profound sorrow at the loss of Mr. Sanni, who had been an integral part of Senator Adeola’s team for more than two decades.

The details surrounding Mr. Sanni’s death are chilling and raise significant concerns about the safety and security of citizens, particularly those working in public service. As investigations continue, it is essential that the authorities leave no stone unturned in seeking justice for this heinous crime.

The late Mr. Sanni’s wife recounted the harrowing sequence of events that led to his tragic end. She explained that he had cooperated with the security agents at the checkpoint by providing all the necessary documents through WhatsApp on his phone. However, as time passed, her attempts to reach him went unanswered, and a sense of dread began to grip her.

With growing apprehension, Mr. Sanni’s wife reached out to his associates for help. Together, they organized a search party to locate him. The news they received was devastating – Mr. Sanni’s lifeless body was discovered dumped near Toyota Bus Stop in Oshodi, bearing fatal gunshot wounds.

Senator Adeola, who was actively participating in the ongoing ministerial screening at the Senate, was left utterly shocked and heartbroken by the tragic news of Mr. Sanni’s death. The loss of his trusted and close aide has left an irreplaceable void in his team and in the lives of those who knew Mr. Sanni.

The Nigeria Police Force has taken up the investigation into this senseless act of violence. It is crucial that justice be served, and those responsible for this heinous crime be held accountable. The entire community is in mourning, and the call for increased security and safety measures to protect citizens is louder than ever.

As the investigation progresses, we must come together as a society to address the rising concerns about security and ensure that individuals working in public service can carry out their duties without fear of such tragedies. The loss of Mr. Sanni has deeply impacted not only Senator Adeola’s team but also the entire nation, prompting a renewed call for a safer and more secure environment for all.