BREAKING : Pastor Chris Oyakhilomen endorses Peter Obi of Labour Party.

In recent news, it has been reported that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy has publicly endorsed Peter Obi, the candidate for the Labour Party in the upcoming Nigerian elections. This endorsement has caused a stir in the Nigerian political landscape, as Pastor Chris is a well-known and influential figure in the country.

As the founder of Christ Embassy, a global ministry with a large following, Pastor Chris is known for his teachings on faith, healing, and prosperity. He is also a respected philanthropist and has been involved in various charitable initiatives across Nigeria and other parts of the world.

In his endorsement of Peter Obi, Pastor Chris praised the candidate for his track record of good governance and economic management. He cited Peter Obi’s previous stint as the governor of Anambra State, where he was widely regarded as one of the best performing governors in Nigeria. Under his leadership, Anambra State experienced significant development in infrastructure, education, and healthcare.

Pastor Chris also commended Peter Obi’s focus on job creation, stating that it is critical for Nigeria’s future. He noted that Nigeria has a large youth population that is in dire need of employment opportunities, and he believes that Peter Obi has the vision and the experience to address this challenge.

Furthermore, Pastor Chris emphasized the need for Nigeria to have a leader who can unite the country and bring about positive change. He stated that Peter Obi has demonstrated the ability to work with people from different backgrounds and ideologies, and that he has a clear vision for how to move Nigeria forward.

This endorsement by Pastor Chris has been widely reported in the Nigerian media and has generated a lot of discussion and debate. Some have criticized him for getting involved in politics, arguing that religious leaders should remain neutral. However, others have praised him for speaking out and using his platform to support a candidate that he believes will be good for Nigeria.