Buhari may have taken wrong decisions but no one can question his intentions when those decisions were taken – Garba Shehu

Garba Shehu, the former presidential spokesperson, recently shared his thoughts on former President Muhammadu Buhari’s time in office in a post titled ‘100 Days After Buhari.’ In his post, Shehu acknowledged that while Buhari may have made some decisions that were later seen as wrong, he believes that Buhari’s intentions behind those decisions were always well-meaning.

Shehu highlighted that during Buhari’s eight years in office, there was no sector of the country that he did not address. He contrasted Buhari’s administration with previous governments, noting that Buhari’s government made hundreds of major decisions, whereas previous administrations took only a handful of decisions over their four-year terms.

He emphasized that even though some of Buhari’s decisions may have been met with criticism, no one could question the former president’s intentions when making those choices. Shehu suggested that the numerous decisions made by Buhari were a testament to his commitment to improving the country.

One of the decisions mentioned was the removal of the subsidy on petrol. Shehu explained that Buhari had hoped that this move would reduce the number of people visiting his hometown of Daura. However, he noted with surprise that the visits continued unabated even after Buhari left office. This led to the need for a “weekly program” to manage the visits. Shehu highlighted that despite criticisms, many people still admired and cherished the former president.

Shehu concluded by expressing his belief that history would be kind to Muhammadu Buhari. He stated that he thinks history will ultimately judge Buhari’s time in office fairly, suggesting that the former president’s intentions and numerous decisions would be taken into account when assessing his legacy.