Canadian ‘poison merchant’ linked to the deaths of 88 people in the UK

A disturbing case involving a Canadian man, Kenneth Law, has shocked authorities as he is accused of being connected to nearly 90 deaths in the UK through the online sale of poisonous substances. Law, 57, was charged by authorities in Ontario with two counts of counselling and aiding suicide. It is alleged that he distributed and promoted toxic substances online, targeting individuals who were at risk of self-harm. The investigation has revealed that Law distributed over 1,200 packages of hazardous materials to vulnerable people in around 40 countries globally.

The UK National Crime Agency has expanded the investigation into Law’s activities. They have identified more than 272 individuals who purchased toxic items from Canadian websites believed to be associated with Law in the two years leading up to his arrest. Shockingly, among those buyers, 88 individuals are reported to have tragically lost their lives.

The father of one of Law’s alleged victims spoke out on BBC Radio 4, sharing that his son was influenced by an online community that provided information on methods of self-harm, including the use of poisonous substances. The father noted that Law, along with other sellers, was openly offering these toxic products. While the direct link between the chemical substances sold and the cause of death has not been officially confirmed by the National Crime Agency, the investigation is ongoing.

Authorities have not disclosed the exact nature of the substance distributed by Law, but it is described as a white, crystalline substance that is occasionally used in food processing. This substance has the potential to reduce oxygen levels, impede breathing, and lead to fatal outcomes.

The investigation has global implications, with related inquiries underway in the United States, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand. The UK National Crime Agency is diligently investigating the matter, expressing condolences to the families affected by these tragic incidents and pledging their commitment to uncovering potential criminal offenses related to this case.