Chicago University Document Showing I Was Female Not My Fault, Tinubu

The ongoing legal battle between Nigerian President Bola Tinubu and his political rival Atiku Abubakar has taken a new twist, with President Tinubu requesting that a federal judge in the United States ignore records suggesting discrepancies in his academic history. This request comes as part of the ongoing case over President Tinubu’s academic documents.

In a filing before Judge Jeffrey Gilbert of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, President Tinubu’s lawyers argued that it would be improper to introduce new matters in reply to the ongoing case. The response is seen as an attempt to downplay an upcoming hearing scheduled before Judge Gilbert, who had recommended that all parties appear in court amid indications that a ruling was imminent.

Atiku Abubakar had sought to obtain subpoenas to compel records and depositions from Chicago State University (CSU) regarding President Tinubu’s admission and graduation. Controversy has arisen surrounding President Tinubu’s academic records, with CSU presenting contradictory documents, including two different certificates issued in his name, each with varying graduation dates.

Furthermore, records of admission submitted by CSU under a 2022 subpoena showed that a certain Bola Tinubu, admitted in 1977, presented a Southwest College result belonging to a female. These anomalies have led Atiku Abubakar to seek full disclosure from CSU under subpoena. He intends to use the records in his legal challenge against President Tinubu’s election earlier this year, arguing that the president’s alleged falsified records should invalidate his eligibility to remain in office.

In response to President Tinubu’s request to ignore the records, Atiku Abubakar’s attorneys urged the judge to proceed with the hearing as scheduled, disputing the assertions made by President Tinubu’s legal team and expressing a willingness to respond to those assertions during the hearing. The legal battle continues to unfold, with both sides presenting their arguments before the court.