Crocodile eats up Costa Rican footballer then swims away with severed body (Video)

A tragic incident occurred in Costa Rica, where a Costa Rican soccer player lost his life in a horrifying encounter with a crocodile. The distressing incident unfolded when the 29-year-old player, Jesus “Chucho” Lopez Ortiz, decided to jump into the Cañas River from a bridge that had been closed for fishing due to the presence of crocodiles in the water. Tragically, he was attacked and devoured by one of these fearsome creatures, while horrified bystanders looked on in shock and disbelief.

The terrifying scene was captured on video, showing the crocodile swimming in the water with the lifeless body of Ortiz clamped in its jaws. The incident took place near the town of Santa Cruz in the Guanacaste province, approximately 140 miles from Costa Rica’s capital city, San Jose.

Jesus “Chucho” Lopez Ortiz was a member of the amateur football team Deportivo Río Cañas, based in Carrillo. The team confirmed his tragic passing in a heartbroken statement on Facebook, expressing their deep sorrow and extending their condolences to his family. Ortiz was not just a skilled football player but also a family man and coach, leaving behind two young children, aged 8 and 3.

Local authorities took swift action to recover Ortiz’s remains, shooting and killing the crocodile responsible for the attack. The incident has undoubtedly sent shockwaves through the community, leaving everyone in mourning for the loss of a beloved member of their local football team.

The funeral for Jesus “Chucho” Lopez Ortiz took place on a solemn Thursday, August 3, with thousands of people flooding the streets to bid their final farewell to the cherished player. The entire community came together to honor his memory and pay their respects to a man who had touched the lives of many through his passion for football and dedication as a coach.

As this heartbreaking event unfolds, it serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that wildlife can pose and the importance of heeding warnings and safety precautions. The loss of Jesus “Chucho” Lopez Ortiz is deeply felt by those who knew and loved him, and his untimely passing has left a void in both the football community and his family’s hearts. May he rest in peace and may his loved ones find comfort and strength during this difficult time.