Dad dies in fire after battery pack charging e-bike sets house alight

A tragic incident occurred in Kentish Town, North London, where a father lost his life in a house fire that was believed to have been caused by a lithium battery pack charging an e-bike. The fire occurred on July 6 at a home in Woodyard Close, and it quickly engulfed the building in flames.

Firefighters responded to 13 distress calls made before 7 am and found the man on the ground floor, but sadly, he was pronounced dead at the scene. Fortunately, five other individuals managed to evacuate the building before the rescue teams arrived.

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) reported that most of the ground and first floors of the mid-terraced house, which had been converted into flats, were affected by the fire. The intensity of the blaze caused significant damage to the property and neighboring houses.

The local Tenants and Residents Association expressed their deep sorrow, with the chairman mentioning the devastating impact on the community. The family’s children were particularly affected by witnessing the horrifying incident, leaving a lasting trauma in their minds.

The fire required the efforts of around 70 firefighters from multiple surrounding stations, and it took two and a half hours to bring the flames under control. Following investigation, the LFB revealed that the most probable cause of the fire was a failure in a lithium battery pack that was charging an e-bike.

The family affected by the tragedy has sought refuge with relatives as they search for a new place to live. In a gesture of support, the Tenants and Residents Association’s committee initiated a fundraiser to help the family cope with the aftermath. The fundraiser has set a target of £2,000, and so far, £670 has been raised.

This incident sheds light on the importance of safety measures and caution when dealing with lithium battery packs and e-bike chargers. There have been previous instances of e-bike batteries or chargers catching fire, leading to serious consequences, including the destruction of homes and, tragically, the loss of lives.

In light of such incidents, the London Fire Brigade has issued safety warnings to raise awareness about potential hazards associated with these batteries and chargers. It is essential for the public to exercise caution and adhere to safety guidelines to prevent similar incidents in the future.