Davido Unfollows Aide, Israel DMW Over Apology On ‘jaye Lo’ Video

In recent events, Afrobeats sensation Davido has found himself in the midst of controversy and backlash following the release of a controversial music video by his newly signed artist, Logos Olori. The video for the song titled ‘Jaye Lo’ featured some men dressed in white Jalabiya dancing in front of a mosque, which sparked widespread criticism and anger within the Muslim community.

In response to the outrage, Davido promptly removed the video from his social media platforms, but this did not quell the demands for a public apology from the singer. Some members of the Muslim community expressed their displeasure in more tangible ways, with youths in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, taking to the streets and setting a large banner of Davido on fire.

The situation escalated further when the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) called on the Department of State Services (DSS) to investigate Davido over the video and its potential implications on religious harmony and sensibilities. As pressure mounted on the artist, his logistics manager, Isreal ‘DMW’ Afeare, stepped in to issue an apology on his behalf.

Taking to social media, Isreal explained that the controversial video was intended purely for entertainment purposes, and the presentation of it had been misinterpreted and misunderstood. He specifically addressed the Muslim community and extended his apologies, acknowledging that it was never their intention to offend or disrespect anyone’s religious beliefs. The now-deleted Instagram post from Isreal expressed regret for any hurt caused and reaffirmed that Davido’s only aim was to promote and uplift others.

Despite the apology issued by his logistics manager, Davido has remained silent on the matter, refraining from making any public statements or addressing the situation directly. However, actions sometimes speak louder than words, and keen observers noticed that the singer unfollowed Isreal on Instagram, hinting at potential internal friction within their working relationship.

On the flip side, Isreal continues to follow Davido on the social media platform, indicating his continued loyalty and support for the artist. Nevertheless, the situation has left fans and followers speculating about the implications of this move and whether it signifies a deeper rift between the two.

As the controversy simmers, it remains to be seen how Davido will handle the aftermath and whether he will eventually address the issue and offer a public statement or apology. The incident serves as a reminder of the responsibility and sensitivity that comes with being a public figure, and the need to be mindful of the impact of artistic expression on different cultural and religious communities. For now, the situation continues to be closely monitored by fans, critics, and the media alike.