Destiny Benjamin, 23, Passes Away 4 Days After Undergoing Hip Surgery in Lagos

Destiny Benjamin, a 23-year-old woman, passed away four days after undergoing a hip surgery, commonly known as Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), at Cynosure Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Lagos. Following her death, a video of the procedure went viral on social media platforms, sparking outrage and concerns about the safety of plastic surgery in Nigeria.

The owner of Cynosure Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ogbe Omoruyi, denied the allegations that the young woman died in the hospital during the surgery. According to him, the deceased underwent the surgery on March 8, and after the procedure, she complained of difficulty breathing. She was immediately referred to the Genesis Specialists Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos, where she eventually passed away.

Dr. Omoruyi, who is also a plastic surgeon, revealed that the young woman was 23 years old, not 20 as widely reported on social media. He explained that she had a successful surgery, and they have the case notes to prove it. However, after some days, she started experiencing difficulty breathing, and the hospital placed her on oxygen, stabilizing her before referring her to an intensive care unit.

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The doctor also stated that it is not unusual for surgeries to have their risks, including the risk of embolism, and that the hospital conducted a CT Pulmonary Angiogram to detect any clot present in her pulmonary system. The result showed that she did not have any embolism. He also pointed out that her cousin was with her after the surgery, and they took pictures and moved around the clinic compound two days later.

Dr. Omoruyi clarified that the Cynosure Aesthetic Plastic Surgery clinic had only recorded two deaths in its history, not five, as widely reported on social media. He suggested that this information could be verified by the local government authorities responsible for primary health centers, which report on death tolls. He also revealed that the family had not yet consented to an autopsy.

In response to the incident, many Nigerians expressed their concerns about the safety of plastic surgery procedures in Nigeria. Some have called for stricter regulations to ensure that patients receive proper care and protection during these procedures. The Lagos State government has also launched an investigation into the incident to determine if any medical malpractice occurred.

Meanwhile, the Lagos Police Command has not been officially informed of the incident, according to the spokesman, SP Benjamin Hundeyin. However, many Nigerians continue to demand answers and accountability from those responsible for the young woman’s death.