Dj Brownskin Wife Death Video: Why Did Sharon Njeri Take Poison?

In July 2022, the news of Kenyan DJ Brownskin’s wife, Sharon Njeri’s passing shook the public. The musician posted his condolences on social media, stating that he was devastated by her death, and alleged that she had committed suicide. However, a year after her passing, an unsettling video of Njeri surfaced, which led to public outcry, with demands for a proper investigation into the case and questioning of the DJ.

The video in question showed Njeri holding a cup and mixing something in it, which she then drinks and declares that she will die soon. She asks DJ Brownskin to take care of their children while he records the entire incident while lying on a couch. As Njeri becomes weak and saliva starts leaking from her mouth, what seemed like a joke turns out to be a serious matter. She calls out her children’s names and tells them that she is going to pass away, while crying in pain on the floor.

As the children enter the room, the DJ instructs one of them to give milk to their mother. The entire scene is gut-wrenching and shows the agony that Njeri went through before her death. The public was outraged that the DJ did not take any steps to save his wife’s life or take her to the hospital. Instead, he recorded the entire ordeal, which was later shared on social media.

The video raised many questions about the cause of Njeri’s death and why the DJ did not intervene or seek medical help. The public demanded a thorough investigation into the matter to determine the circumstances leading up to Njeri’s death. The case received widespread attention on social media, with many calling for justice for Njeri and her family.

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The news of Sharon Njeri’s suicide has sent shock waves throughout social media platforms. She died by consuming poison, as depicted in a video that surfaced online, which captured her final moments. While the reason behind her suicide remains unknown, it is important to highlight the gravity of the situation and the importance of prioritizing mental health.

In the video, Sharon Njeri is seen consuming a poisonous substance, and in her last words, she expressed her love for her children and others. It is disheartening to watch as the person filming the video does nothing to save her life, and even after requesting milk from Sharon’s child, he failed to provide any assistance. This lack of urgency and concern for her well-being is disturbing and highlights the need for awareness on mental health and suicide prevention.

It is crucial to understand that mental health is as important as physical health, and it requires attention and care. Suicide is never a solution, and ingesting poison is a dangerous and harmful way to deal with any problem or issue in life. The tragic death of Sharon Njeri serves as a reminder that mental health issues should never be ignored or taken lightly.

The impact of suicide extends beyond the individual who takes their own life, affecting their loved ones and the wider community. It is essential to create a safe and supportive environment for those struggling with mental health issues, where they can seek help and receive the necessary support.