Ecuador presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio shot and killed at a campaign event few days before their general election (video)

Tragedy struck Ecuador as Fernando Villavicencio, a 59-year-old presidential candidate, was brutally assassinated just days before the nation’s general election. The shocking incident occurred during a political rally hosted by the Movimiento Construye party at a school situated north of the capital city, Quito, on the evening of August 9. This grim event transpired a mere 10 days before the scheduled first round of the presidential election, set to take place on August 20.

Disturbing footage circulated on social media depicted the harrowing sequence of events. Villavicencio, who was present at the political rally, was seen being escorted out of the rally’s venue and towards a waiting car. Tragically, as he was about to enter the vehicle’s back seat, gunshots erupted, targeting him. Reports indicate that he sustained three gunshot wounds to the head, a horrific fate that claimed his life.

The tragic incident took another violent turn as security forces engaged in a crossfire with a suspect, resulting in the suspect’s demise. The country’s attorney general confirmed this, along with news that nine individuals, including a female candidate for the National Assembly and two police officers, were injured in the exchange.

Villavicencio was immediately transported to a hospital, where he was ultimately declared deceased. Galo Valencia, his uncle, heartbreakingly recounted the sequence of events. He described how, as they were departing the college premises, they were suddenly met with a barrage of gunfire, leaving numerous individuals injured and, tragically, ending Fernando’s life.

This devastating incident comes after Villavicencio, a former journalist renowned for his anti-corruption efforts, disclosed last week that he and his team had received threats from a gang leader associated with drug trafficking. In May, during his candidacy announcement, he vowed to confront and defeat the entrenched mafias that had infiltrated the state and brought society to its knees.

General Manuel Iniguez, a deputy commander of the Ecuadorian national police, provided further details about the attack. He reported that the assailants hurled a grenade towards Villavicencio’s group, although it failed to detonate. Villavicencio was immediately transported to a nearby clinic but tragically succumbed to his injuries.

Ecuador’s President, Guillermo Lasso, who was informed of Villavicencio’s killing while attending a film premiere, swiftly reacted with determination. He assured the public that this heinous crime would not go unpunished, emphasizing that the full weight of the law would be applied to bring those responsible to justice.

Lasso convened an urgent meeting with top security officials to address the situation and the decisions that lay ahead. He affirmed his commitment to upholding justice and preserving the memory of Villavicencio’s valiant fight against corruption and organized crime, which have caused untold suffering to the nation. The assassination of Fernando Villavicencio has sent shockwaves through Ecuador, prompting a nation to mourn the loss of a promising candidate and rally together against the scourge of violence and criminality.