Enugu Police arrest suspects in viral video of lady beaten, str!pped and hair forcefully shaved; suspects claim it was a prank

Police Operatives serving in the Nsukka Area Command of the Enugu State Command have taken swift action to apprehend individuals involved in a distressing incident that has sent shockwaves through the community. The incident involved the assault of a young woman named Chinenye, and it has prompted widespread condemnation and outrage.

The individuals taken into custody include Obed Chekwube Ugwuanyi, who is also known as MC Sharp, a 32-year-old male, Chinenye Agbo, known as Star Ella Ada, a 26-year-old female, and Anastasia Onu, a 26-year-old female. They are allegedly responsible for a viral video that depicted the brutal assault, humiliation, and degradation of Chinenye. The video captured her being forcibly stripped, physically beaten, and her hair shaved off. These actions were reportedly carried out on the grounds of an allegation that Chinenye had assaulted Anastasia, who is romantically linked to Obed.

The police’s initial investigation has uncovered that the trio and potentially others involved are claiming that the viral video was intended as a prank to attract attention and followers to their social media accounts. This justification, however, has been met with disbelief and shock from the public, as the severity of the assault is inconceivable and far beyond the boundaries of any reasonable prank.

In response to the disturbing incident, DSP Daniel Ndukwe, the police spokesperson, released a statement condemning the actions of those involved. He noted that the Enugu State Commissioner of Police, CP Ahmed Ammani, has taken a strong stance against such behavior. The Commissioner has directed the State Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Enugu to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the incident. If the individuals are found to be culpable, they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This approach is intended to set an example and discourage anyone from attempting similar acts under the guise of pranks.

The incident highlights the gravity of using social media as a platform for harmful and offensive content. What might have been intended as a joke has inflicted severe emotional and physical trauma on an innocent individual. As the investigation unfolds, it is a stark reminder of the need for responsible and ethical behavior both online and offline, and the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions, regardless of the platform they use.