Five men burnt to death for allegedly trying to steal tricycle in onitsha,anambra state (graphic and video)

A gruesome incident that has left many in shock occurred on Saturday, March 25, 2023, in Onitsha, Anambra State. According to eyewitness accounts, five men were burnt to death after they allegedly attempted to snatch a tricycle operator of his tricycle.

The incident reportedly took place at old Nkpor road, close to the headquarters of People’s Club, in the bustling commercial city of Onitsha. Eyewitnesses revealed that the suspects allegedly tried to steal the tricycle from its owner in broad daylight when they were caught by members of the public.

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Rather than calling the police, the mob that had gathered at the scene took matters into their own hands, resulting in a horrifying scene. They reportedly started by stripping the suspects naked and beating them mercilessly, before proceeding to set them on fire using old tyres and fuel. Shockingly, many onlookers watched and supervised the gruesome act as the men burnt to death.

Graphic videos of the horrific incident were shared widely on social media, causing outrage and sparking discussions about jungle justice and vigilantism. One of the videos captured the chilling screams of one of the suspects, who could be heard shouting “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” while crying for help.

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While the circumstances surrounding the alleged crime and the subsequent lynching are still unclear, the incident underscores the dangers of taking the law into one’s hands. The police have since launched an investigation into the incident, with the hope of bringing those responsible to justice.

The incident has sparked heated debates on social media about the need for proper law enforcement and the dangers of mob justice. It also highlights the importance of educating the public about the dangers of resorting to violence and the need for a fair and impartial justice system.