Foods That Will Help You Loose Weight In Nigeria

If you are looking to loose weight in 2022 then this post is for you. I have outlined the foods that will help you loose weight in Nigeria. Please this post won’t help you to loose 10 pounds in 20 days or help you loose 50 pounds in a month NO. This post will only give you an insight of foods that you wil eat to help you to loose those stubborn weight in nigeria.

I grew up on the big side i was never slim neither fat but if i don’t watch the foods i eat, i could get very very fat . i stumbled on a writeup sometime ago and i decided to follow it up actually, its quite similar to this post. In this write up, you will learn about a lot of foods that can help you to loose weight in Nigeria. Hope you read through, give it a try. i would love to read your comments.

Foods That Will Help You Loose Weight In Nigeria

1. Oatmeal

This list can’t start without the mentioning of oat meal. Oatmeal is one food that can help you stay fuller for the longest period. When ever i take oatmeal, i dont feel hungry i just eat it and i dont want to even have any other food throughout the day. Oats contain about 60% starch, 14% protein, 7% lipids, and 4% β-glucan.

In contrast to other grain crops, oats are high in protein and lipids. The distinguishing feature of oats is its rich content of dietary fiber, especially soluble β-glucans. As for the micronutrients, oats are particularly rich in potassium. oat meal basically has alot of fiber in it that can help to sustain you. I once had a friend who went for a complete one week oat meal diet. and guess what guys, The aftermath result was amazing. if you are looking to loose weight in nigerian in a short whine then, you should try out this oat meal diet,

2. Nigerian fruits

You guys i can’t lie to you trust me when i say i have been there. I particularly knows whaat works and what doesn’t. Some of the nigerian fruits like cucumber, apple, also watermelon has been seen to actually help with weight loss. These fruits helps you to curb your appetite especially with their possesion of low calories, lets look at the components of bannana and you will see what i mean. One serving, or one medium ripe banana, provides about 110 calories, 0 gram fat, 1 gram protein, 28 grams carbohydrate, 15 grams sugar (naturally occurring), 3 grams fiber, and 450 mg potassium. Banana has a zero percentage of fat and also a lot of fiber wow. Just imagine taking one serving of banana and watch how your body system reacts to it.

3. Nigerian Leafy Vegetables

Lets list a few 1, lettuce 2. spinach, ugu leaves, green leaves and a host of others. vegetables are very good for the blood in the sense that they help with the free flow of blood in the body system. Vegetables such as ugu leave can be washed and juiced out for a person who is looking for blood. Nigerian leafy vegetables can also help in the digesion of food because digestion is a neccessity for weight loss. Vegetables are know to contain zero fat so is safe to say that a lot of vegetable eaten on a daily det, will actually help you to loose weight in Nigeria. Give this a try and let me know what you think in the comment section down below.

4. Garlic

The fourth thing on my list is garlic. Garlic has been known for improving weight loss all these years. If you haven’t been cooking with garlic i think you should start now. try using it to parboil your meat from the aroma down to the weight loss composition, i bet you will thank me later for this. The composition of raw garlic is 59% water, 33% carbohydrates, 6% protein, 2% dietary fiber, and less than 1% fat. Manganese: 80% 1.672 mg Zinc: 12% 1.16 mg Carbohydrates: 33.06 g Sodium: 1% 17 mg. For your own consumption, you can clearly see that garlic contains less than 1% of fat. Garlic also produces the enzyme which helps in enhancing weighIt loss. Garlic is actually one of the best nigerian foods so far that will help you to loose weight in nigeria quickly.

5. Beans

This is Nigeria’s most highly proteinous food. Do you know that each time i eat beans, i feel heavier for a longer period of time. When you eat food that makes you feel fuller for longer periods, it suppresses your appetite and when your appetite suppresses, you tend to eat lesser food and make you in turn loose weight. i love to eat beans especially for its sweetness and richness. If you are the type that hates eating beans better start eeeating it now. It will do you more good than harm.

6. Avacados

Avacados is one food that will help you to loose weight in Nigeria. Avacado has this natural butter taste i love so much. Instead of taking bread and butter, try taking it with avacado and taste the difference. Juat experience One-half an avocado is a nutrient and phytochemical dense food consisting of the following: dietary fiber (4.6 g), total sugar (0.2 g), potassium (345 mg), sodium (5.5 mg), magnesium (19.5 mg), vitamin A (5.0 μg RAE), vitamin C (6.0 mg), vitamin E (1.3 mg), vitamin K1 (14 μg), folate (60 mg), vitamin B-6 (0.2 mg).

These are the nutrient composition of Avacados. i hope you start eating Avacados and i hope you really love them too. Theycan be really succulent when ripe and also very juicy in smoothie making. I and my family we all love avacados and trust me when i say this you can never go wrong in your journey of weight loss. by eating one avocado a day.

7. Apple

One of my favourite fruit is apple. From alpple, apple cider vinegar was produced and i know of some friends that has actually used apple cider vinegar in weight loss. if you want to know more on this topic kindly click here to chat with our nutritionist for free. some apple quotes i love ; An apple tree is just like a person.

The fruit is what matters, not how gnarly or beautiful the tree is. It is remarkable how closely the histroy of the apple tree is connected with that of man. The most thoughtful one is this An apple a day makes you live longer.


8. Brown Rice

Brown rice is one of the nigerian foods that will help you to loose weight cheffbabyna

Instead of taking white rice daily why not try consuming brown rice and seee if it would actually improve your weight loss. Brown r;ice consist of the following vitamin B6, vitamin B1, Manganese .

The rice is a rich source of phenols and flavonoids, two types of antioxidants that help reduce damage to cells and reduce the risk of premature aging.

Brown rice also provides you with many vitamins and minerals:

  • Calcium.
  • Iron
  • Magnesium.
  • Phosphorus.
  • Selenium.
  • Vitamin B1 (thiamine)
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)

Other Ways You Can Actually Loose Some Weight With Nigerian Foods

This is a bonus point to butress my point for easy consumption and understanding

1. Consume less oil

This is very important whenever you are in the kitchen, try to reduce the amount of oil that you use in cooking. i have seen a lot of nigerians use oil to baff their rice and noodles. They still expect to loose weight after this unhealthy act lol. please lets endeavour to cut down on our intake of oil. This single act will go a long way in helping to reduce the weight.

2. Watch the salt

When cooking avoid the packing too much salt in food. Guys i did my research before writing on this topicyes too muvh of salt causes obesity so if you wanna run away from obesity, kindly avoid packing too much salt in food. Most people feel adding too much salt in food will make it taste better. which is wrong salt is good in food yes but too much of it is bad for the health and also for the body. Reduce the salt in foods, and it will help you loose weight in nigeria.

3. Watch what you drink

Lets look into our consumtion of drink and check how often we consume sodas. I will advise that we cut the intake of our sodas as it will only do us more harm than good. Nigerian drinks like cooke and fanta should be avoided if you want to actually loose weight. Coke has shown to always give pot belly if taken anyhow also alcoholic drinks. I advise that we should take more water often or go for drinks like greek yoghurt. Greek yoghurt has been prone to be much more healthier than drinks containing soda.

4. Choose meat wisely

If you want to loose weight real quick start eating fish now!!! leave red meat and chicken

5. Avoid oven baked and oven cooked foods

Breads, cakes and more avoid them or eat them in moderation.

Thank you so much for reading to the end hope you enjoyed it. i would really love to hear from you kindly follow me on Twitter lets be friends. If you love more of this type of post kindly go through my blog.