French minister under fire for posing on cover of Playboy magazine

French government minister, Marlene Schiappa, has recently faced criticism from members of her party after appearing on the front cover of Playboy magazine. The controversy erupted after Schiappa, who has been a government minister since 2017, appeared on the cover of the magazine to accompany a 12-page interview she did on women’s and LGBT rights. The Minister for the Social Economy and French Associations was photographed for the cover wearing a white dress, which was a stark contrast to the nude models usually featured on the magazine’s cover.

Schiappa has been a vocal advocate for women’s rights and was appointed as the country’s first-ever Gender Equality Minister in 2017. Her appearance on the cover of Playboy magazine has drawn criticism from political colleagues, including French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, who said it “wasn’t appropriate, especially during this period.” France is currently experiencing a political and social crisis triggered by French President Emmanuel Macron’s move to push ahead with controversial pension reforms despite widespread public opposition.

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The controversy over Schiappa’s appearance on the cover of Playboy has drawn mixed reactions from politicians and the public alike. While some have criticized her decision, others have come to her defense, highlighting her long-standing commitment to women’s rights and gender equality.

In response to the criticism, Schiappa took to Twitter to defend her decision, stating that “defending the right of women to have control of their bodies is everywhere and all the time. In France, women are free. With all due respect to the detractors and hypocrites.” She also received support from French Interior Minister, Gérald Darmanin, who called Schiappa a “courageous female politician” and commended her for her work in advancing women’s rights.

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Despite the controversy, Schiappa’s appearance on the cover of Playboy magazine has also drawn attention to the issue of women’s rights and gender equality in France. As a prominent advocate for these issues, Schiappa’s decision to appear in the magazine has sparked a wider conversation about the role of women in politics and society more broadly. While the controversy has raised valid questions about the appropriateness of a government minister appearing on the cover of a magazine known for featuring nude models, it has also provided an opportunity for a wider discussion about women’s rights and gender equality in France.