From OnlyFans to the Fast Lane: Renee Gracie Announces Return to Racing

Renee Gracie’s story is one of triumph, controversy, and unapologetic ambition. Born in Queensland, Australia, Gracie began her racing career as a teenager with dreams of one day competing in a NASCAR championship in the United States. She quickly made a name for herself as a rising star in the sport, driving in the Carrera Cup and Super2 before leaving the sport in 2017.

After leaving racing, Gracie found herself working in a car-yard and struggling to make ends meet. It was at this point that she decided to launch her own subscription-based adult website on OnlyFans, using her looks to attract subscribers to view her explicit content. The move paid off handsomely, with Gracie reportedly earning more than $500,000 in one month alone back in 2020.

Despite criticism from some quarters, Gracie remains unapologetic about her decision to turn to adult entertainment. “The position I am in now has set me up for life. I’m setting myself up for early retirement,” she said. “I cannot regret bettering myself and putting myself in that position.”

However, Gracie has never lost her love for racing, and she has always harbored a desire to return to the sport. In 2021, she revealed her plans to spend $1 million to buy her own team to race at Bathurst. This move was criticized by Supercars officials, who labeled it a publicity stunt designed to drum up attention for her OnlyFans site.

Undeterred, Gracie’s dream of returning to the Great Race is back in the spotlight. The 28-year-old will be followed by a camera crew for a documentary to be released by Stan Sport. The documentary, titled “Revealed: Renee Gracie,” will follow the adult entertainer’s journey back to Bathurst 1000 as she attempts to compete as a wildcard.

“We can’t wait to work closely with Rush Films to tell Renee’s story and continue our dedication to producing bold, unique, and investigative content, not seen on any other platform,” said Stan Chief Content Officer Cailah Scobie.

The documentary, “Revealed: Renee Gracie,” is set to shine a light on gender inequality, stigma, and prejudice in sport and beyond. Screen Australia’s Head of Documentary, Alex West, praised the documentary’s team, saying they have a proven track record of crafting engaging documentaries. Filming for the documentary is set to commence this year, with the Bathurst 1000 taking place from October 5-8.

Gracie’s story is a fascinating one, and it highlights the changing nature of the entertainment industry in the digital age. From racing driver to adult entertainer and now back to racing, Renee Gracie has always been unafraid to chart her own course in life, and she remains an inspiration to many who aspire to do the same.