(FULL VIDEO) What happened to my child? – Nigerian mum cries out after her 12 year old daughter died while attending school’s interhouse sports

A Nigerian mother, Mrs Blessing Adeniran, is in mourning after her 12-year-old daughter, Desola Whitney Adeniran, passed away while participating in a school interhouse sports event at Chrisland High School in Lagos State. The incident occurred last Thursday, February 9, at the Agege Stadium, where the young girl had gone to participate in the athletic event.

Mrs. Adeniran was present at the event to cheer on her daughter when she noticed her absence from the competition. Worried, she decided to go and check on her daughter at the area where the students were kept. To her shock and dismay, she was told by a male student that Whitney had fainted and was taken to the hospital. Upon her arrival at the hospital, she was met with the heartbreaking news of her daughter’s passing.

Despite her efforts to find out what had happened to her daughter, Mrs. Adeniran claims that the school has not provided her with a full account of the events leading up to her daughter’s death. The school reportedly told her that Whitney suffered from a cardiac arrest, but Mrs. Adeniran is skeptical as her daughter was healthy and never suffered from any pre-existing heart conditions.

The grieving mother is now calling on the school to come forward and provide her with the answers she needs in order to properly lay her daughter to rest. In a video that has since been shared online, Mrs. Adeniran tearfully recounts the events leading up to her daughter’s death and expresses her desire for the truth to be revealed.

The loss of a child is a tragedy, and Mrs. Adeniran deserves to know the truth about what happened to her daughter. The school has a responsibility to be transparent about the events leading up to Whitney’s death, and to provide the necessary support and information to the grieving family.