Granddad who ate half a tub of paint after mistaking it for yoghurt has died

Bobby, the endearing granddad who unwittingly consumed half a tub of paint, mistaking it for a pot of yogurt, captured the hearts of countless people worldwide. His unexpected and humorous escapade made headlines, turning him into a viral sensation in February 2019. His granddaughter, Alex Stein, immortalized the unforgettable moment with a side-by-side photo of Bobby, his mouth adorned with paint, next to the empty paint pot, sharing it on Twitter for all to enjoy.

In her original tweet, Alex humorously shared the incident, saying, “Sooo my grandpa ate half a quart of paint today thinking it was yogurt [sic].” The post quickly gained widespread attention, as people couldn’t resist the hilarity of the situation. Fortunately, Bobby’s well-being remained unharmed after his unusual snack, a fact that Alex happily updated everyone on a few days later, noting that his stomach remained entirely unfazed by the peculiar culinary adventure.

Bobby’s viral fame brought joy and laughter to many, but it was also a testament to his remarkable spirit and resilience. Although the incident with the paint may have defined him for a brief moment, Bobby had lived a long and fulfilling life. On Thursday, November 2, 2023, Alex shared the bittersweet news that her beloved granddad, Bobby, had passed away in his sleep earlier in the summer. He would have celebrated his 92nd birthday on that day.

In an Instagram post, Alex paid a heartfelt tribute to her late granddad, highlighting the multitude of roles he had played throughout his life. She described him as a doctor, a musician, a father, and a grandfather, emphasizing the depth of his accomplishments and the love he shared with his family. Bobby’s legacy was not defined solely by the humorous incident that made him an internet sensation but by the rich tapestry of his life.

Tributes from around the world poured in for the endearingly named “Paint-Eating Grandpa.” People shared their fond memories of him and celebrated his unique personality and the joy he brought into their lives. Social media users and well-wishers expressed their condolences, with one Instagram user offering a heartfelt salute to Bobby by saying, “Pouring one out for you, Bobby.”

Beyond the viral moment, it was revealed that Bobby had a genuine passion for yogurt. He was a self-proclaimed yogurt connoisseur, delighting in consuming up to nearly seven liters of yogurt every week, as shared by Alex with the Daily Mail. This peculiar but charming detail further added to the endearing portrait of Bobby, a man who embraced life with a unique sense of humor and an appreciation for the simple pleasures, like a good bowl of yogurt.

Bobby’s story, from paint-eating granddad to cherished family member, serves as a reminder of the power of humor and the ability to find joy in unexpected places. While the world may remember him for a moment of mistaken identity, those who knew him best will treasure the full tapestry of his life, marked by love, laughter, and a zest for living.