GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Brutal Machete Attack Leaves 17-Year-Old Girl Handless and Legless After Forced Marriage in Kebbi

A 17-year-old girl named Malama Hauwa Mohammed has suffered a horrific fate at the hands of her husband in Kebbi State, Nigeria. Hauwa was forced into marriage against her will and, according to her testimony, her husband would often disappear for months at a time, leaving her alone and without any support.

On the day of the attack, Hauwa’s husband returned home unexpectedly armed with a machete, and without provocation, attacked her viciously, leaving her with life-changing injuries. Hauwa’s hand and leg were severed in the brutal assault, leaving her in critical condition and in need of immediate medical attention.

Officials from the state’s Technical Working group on Gender-Based Violence have since visited Hauwa at the Federal Medical Center Birnin Kebbi, where she is currently undergoing treatment for her injuries. They have assured her that the incident has been reported to the police, and the perpetrator will be apprehended as soon as possible. Investigations will also be carried out to ascertain the cause of his actions, and he will be charged and prosecuted accordingly.

It is a tragic and all-too-common story of gender-based violence, where young girls are forced into marriages against their will, often with older men who are abusive and neglectful. The Nigerian government has made some progress in addressing gender-based violence, but incidents like this serve as a stark reminder of the work that still needs to be done to protect women and girls from such atrocities. Hauwa’s case is a call to action for society to speak up against gender-based violence and to support victims in their quest for justice and healing.