Groom caught being Feed by his mother moments before wedding by horrified bride

In a shocking incident, a bride discovered her groom being breastfed by his mother just moments before their wedding ceremony. The story was shared on the Unfiltered Bride Podcast by wedding planner and host Georgie Mitchell, who recounted the experience of a former co-worker and makeup artist (MUA) named Jenny.

According to Georgie, Jenny had just finished the bride’s hair and makeup when she excused herself to go to the bathroom. However, upon entering the restroom, the bride was stunned to find her fiancé being breastfed by his own mother. This shocking sight was enough to potentially ruin the entire wedding.

The co-host of the podcast, Beth, expressed her disbelief and questioned why the bride would want to marry someone who still breastfeeds. She also wondered how the mother was still producing milk. However, Georgie surmised that the mother must have been continuously breastfeeding to get to that point.

Despite this disturbing discovery, the bride still decided to go through with the wedding. The story has since gone viral and garnered almost a million views, with many listeners expressing their horror and disbelief in the comments.

The incident highlights the importance of communication and discussing expectations with your partner before getting married. It also raises questions about boundaries and the impact of overbearing parents on romantic relationships.