Hairdresser’s apprentices made to kneel on the road as punishment for being stubborn (video)

Recently, a video has been circulating on social media depicting a disturbing scene of six young women, who were identified as hairdressing apprentices, kneeling on the coal-tarred road as a form of punishment. The video, which was shared by the hairdresser who initiated the punishment, has sparked a heated debate on various online platforms.

The footage shows the six apprentices, all dressed in their work attire, kneeling with their hands clasped behind their backs by the side of a busy road. They appeared to be in some discomfort, and one of them even had to resort to crawling on all fours due to exhaustion. The hairdresser who shared the video online captioned it with the words, “Stubbornness students,” indicating that the apprentices were being punished for being defiant or uncooperative.

The video has sparked outrage among many viewers, who have criticized the hairdresser’s actions as abusive and potentially dangerous. Kneeling on the hard and uneven surface of a road can cause serious injuries to one’s knees and back, and the risk of accidents or collisions with passing vehicles is also high.

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Moreover, the use of public humiliation as a form of punishment is considered outdated and inappropriate in modern society. The apprentices’ dignity and rights were violated, and their mental and emotional well-being may have been negatively impacted by the public shaming they experienced.

The incident has also raised concerns about the quality of apprenticeships in the hairdressing industry and the need for proper training and supervision. Many apprenticeships involve on-the-job training and practical experience, but they should also include formal education, mentorship, and guidance to ensure that apprentices learn the necessary skills in a safe and supportive environment.

the video of hairdressing apprentices kneeling on the road as punishment has sparked a contentious debate on social media, highlighting the need for better training and supervision of apprenticeships, as well as the importance of treating all individuals with dignity and respect. It is crucial to remember that punitive actions that put people’s safety and well-being at risk are never acceptable and can have lasting negative effects on those involved.