High-Paid Housekeeping: Maid Earns Over $2K per Day for Sparkling Clean Homes

The internet is abuzz with the news of a woman named Sammie, who has revealed that she earns over $2,000 a day for cleaning houses topless. Sammie, a Tampa native, took to TikTok to share her unusual occupation, but unfortunately, the video was removed from the platform and her account suspended. Despite this setback, her story continues to garner attention on social media, sparking a range of reactions from people around the world.

In the viral video, Sammie explains that she charges $300 per hour for topless cleaning and also accepts tips from her clients. She further reveals that she has a security guard who waits for her in the car in case of any issues during her work. Although tipping is not mandatory, Sammie says that many of her clients do give her a tip.

According to Sammie, the first house she cleaned gave her a $150 tip, while the second house paid her $300 and tipped her $120. She went on to mention that the third and fourth houses gave her tips of $150 and $110, respectively. In total, she cleaned five houses, earning a staggering $2,000 for her services. With these rates, it’s no wonder that Sammie is making a lot of money from her unconventional cleaning job.

While some people may question Sammie’s choice of profession, it’s evident that she enjoys what she does and is making a good living from it. Her story has sparked a range of reactions, with some people commending her for being creative and resourceful, while others have criticized her for engaging in what they consider an inappropriate occupation.

Despite the mixed reactions, Sammie’s success highlights the potential for entrepreneurship and creativity in unconventional fields. Her story serves as a reminder that there are many ways to make a living, and it’s up to each individual to find what works best for them.

Sammie’s viral story has captured the attention of people around the world, sparking a range of reactions and discussions. Whether one approves or not of her occupation, there is no denying that Sammie’s business is booming, and she’s doing what makes her happy.