How To Make Coleslaw

Allow me to tell you the best way to make the easiest homemade coleslaw ever. It is new, rich, crunchy and speedy to make. This was prepared shortly, because of my confided in food processor

Try not to have a food processor, you can make this coleslaw with a case grater or mandolin slicer. It is ideal for all event, picnics, parties, social gatherings and an ideal side dish everybody would cherish


At whatever point you have carrots and cabbage lying neglected in your refrigerator, what rings a bell? Coleslaw right? Indeed, in the event that you love hand crafted coleslaw, this simple 5 minutes coleslaw recipe is for you.Take the exemplary coleslaw to one more level by adding spring onions and coconut shavings to it. As far as I might be concerned, coconut takes most dishes to an unheard of level.

Use the freshest vegetable you can get. I seriously hate onions in it but rather I would offer spring onions or chives go-ahead constantly as it makes it extremely delectable and reviving

If you likewise need to have a go at something new separated from the normal mayonnaise dressing, add a touch of lemon juice or lemon zing to the dressing to provide it with a touch of punch.

You can likewise add a smidgen of sugar, salt and dark pepper to it as well and you won’t ever see it the same way from this point forward. Making this solid side dish is quite simple and with a food processor or hand grater, you can get it going in a short time. We should get right to it


Thinly sliced cabbage (use the food processor for this is you have one)

grated carrots

chopped spring onions

Dressing for coleslaw


lemon juice




apple cider vinegar.


Substitute the mayonnaise with non-fat Greek yoghurt. Swap sugar for stevia however skip it entirely.


fried rice

rice and stew

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Servings: 4


Involving the grinding cutting edge in the food processor, grind carrot and cabbage and put away

Add ground carrot and cabbage in a plate of mixed greens bowl, gather coconut shavings and blend into a single unit till very much consolidated, add hacked spring onions and put away

Mayonnaise dressing

Right off the bat start by adding mayonnaise to a bowl, add lemon juice, apple juice vinegar, salt, sugar, dark pepper and blend well till consolidated Add mayonnaise dressing to coleslaw in pieces to the coleslaw until the ideal smooth level is achieved.  finally Chill in the cooler till you are prepared to serve.

Right off the bat you need to save it in the refrigerator for as long as 3 days without dressing and as long as 24 hours with dressing

In conclusion

Utilize a crate grater or mandolin, right off the bat, in the event that you don’t have a food processor

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