How To Make Plantain Porridge with ripe plantain

Plantain porridge made with ripe plantain is one food i cook with ease. it doesn’t take time to prepare neither does it take time to cook. When i was younger i use to eat ripe plantain raw haha i take it like banana. Although the unripe plantain porridge is more delicious because i feel the ripe plantain porridge is too sweet. This recipe i don’t like to use meat and tomato i prefer to use fish and ponmo (cow skin)

Ingredients for preparing ripe plantain porridge

  • 1 medium sized bunch plantain
  • Red oil
  • pepper
  • scent leaves
  • 2 bulb onion
  • stock fish also known as okporoko
  • Dry fish
  • cray fish
  • water
  • salt
  • maggi

method of preparation

  • start by removing plantain from bunch then wash and peel plantain. dice plantain into small sizes but not too small then keep it aside. continue by preparing other ingredients, wash and blend the pepper and crayfish.
  • continue by washing the scent leave then slice and keep aside. wash the onion and dice it. Get a clean pot, place on heat pour in the red oil and let it get hot. pour in the diced onion and fry it, add in the maggi, add salt and mix properly.
  • Thirdly add in the dry fish, stock fish also add in the blended crayfish and pepper. mix it very well, pour in some water into it and leave it to boil once it starts boiling add in the diced ripe plantain and turn it well.
  • leave it to cook well once it’s ready bring it down from heat add in the scent leaf and mix it very well. your delicious ripe plantain is ready to be served. you can serve this delicacy with any chilled drink of your choice. i serve mine with vita mine because it’s my favorite drink.

In conclusion

This recipe is one of the best of my recipes, i think you should try it out. it’s so delicious and you will be glad that you tried it.

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