How To Make Ukwa African Bread Milk

Ukwa could be eaten raw, cooked with potash, or separated from the water so that only the seeds could be mashed. The Igbo way to cook African breadfruit is as follows:


African breadfruit

Dry fish or stockfish;

two small stock cubes;

edible potash;

colorant: palm oil


1: place your thoroughly cleaned ukwa.

2.Pour enough water over the ukwa to cover it.The ukwa should be at least an inch above the water level.

3.Put in the potash.Cover the pot, add the dry or stock fish, and cook until the fish is cooked through.

4.When the seeds melt when pressed, the ukwa is finished.

5.To the finished ukwa, add enough palm oil, pepper, stock cubes, and salt to taste.

6.Cover, stir, and cook over medium heat until the palm oil turns yellow.After that, stir in the bitter leaves.

7.Cover and simmer until the ukwa is ready to serve or until the leaves are wilted but still green.