How To Prepare Rice And Beans Jollof

While most Nigerians make either beans porridge, rice and stew or jollof rice as a meal. A lot of people enjoy combining rice and beans together to form a sumptuous meal how to prepare rice and beans jollof.

what we have above is a delicacy of how to cook rice and beans this combination is made using my powerful recipe.

This combo taste a lot better than the jollof rice or rice and stew even when prepared with the same ingredients. This rice and beans recipe is easier than other recipes you find online. When rice is paired with beans and made into jollof, that is food to millions of Nigerians.

You should try this recipe of how to prepare rice and beans jollof next time instead of just jollof rice or porridge beans


  1. RICE
  2. BEANS
  5. WATER
  6. ONION
  8. spices (curry ,thyme, kitchen glory)
  9. SALT
  10. MAGGI


Start by washing the beans, put in a pot add water. Add in some sliced onion and place on heat allow it to boil till soft. Once soft, open the lid pour in your washed rice turn it with a spoon and leave it to cook together. After 10min, get a sieve and pour it in leave it aside and prepare other ingredients.

Secondly, place a clean pot on heat, pour in your oil, add your spices (curry, thyme, kitchen glory.) and stir it. Add in your sliced onion, allow it to fry for 3 min. Continue by adding the sachet tomatoes, keep stirring don’t let it burn.

Thirdly, pour water into the pot, turn it well and leave it to boil. Once it starts boiling pour in the parboiled rice and beans and stir them together. If you are using any protein like fish, chicken etc this is the right time to add it. Add in your maggi and stir, cover pot with lid and leave it to cook.

Check after some time to see if the rice and beans are soften, remove from heat and let it cool. Your joffof rice and beans delicacy is ready.

You can served with a chilled drink of your choice. I ate mine with boiled egg 🥚 cause that was what i had at the moment.

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