Humans who identify as dogs gather to advocate for their rights to be trans-species (video)

In an extraordinary demonstration advocating for alternative identities and challenging traditional norms, a gathering of around 1,000 individuals who identify as dogs assembled at the Berlin Potsdamer Platz railway station in Germany. This unconventional event was organized by a group named “Canine Beings” and aimed to shed light on the perspective of trans-species individuals who strongly relate to being dogs rather than human beings.

During the gathering, these individuals passionately communicated by barking and howling, portraying their desire to be acknowledged and accepted as dogs rather than humans. Their unique and symbolic mode of communication, resembling that of canines, added a distinctive aspect to the demonstration, reinforcing their conviction of belonging to a different species.

The participants of this event went beyond mere verbal expressions; they donned elaborate dog costumes, embracing their canine identity with pride. The image of numerous individuals, adorned in their dog personas, coming together for a group photo, spoke volumes about their unity and determination to be recognized for their chosen identity.

Trans-species people represent a minority within society who identify more with certain animals or even mythological beings than with their human identity. This perspective challenges conventional societal beliefs about identity and prompts important conversations about acceptance, diversity, and the significance of recognizing and respecting the various ways in which individuals define themselves. The event in Berlin serves as a striking reminder of the multifaceted nature of human identity and the importance of fostering understanding and empathy toward all forms of self-expression and identification.