I am ready to accept Tinubu's invitation and work for him

I am ready to accept Tinubu’s invitation and work for him,” says Bode George.

Former deputy National chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Bode George, has expressed his willingness to collaborate with the administration of President Bola Tinubu, should he receive an invitation to contribute to the nation-building process. George made this statement during a press conference held at his office in Ikoyi, where he clarified that he holds no personal grudges against the president. Notably, in March 2022, George had previously claimed that he would go into exile if Tinubu emerged victorious in the 2023 Presidential election. However, when questioned about the possibility of serving the country under the current administration, George responded:

“My reaction, as I have said, is nothing personal. Look, I trained in the military. In the military, whoever stands alongside you in the trench is your brother. When we ask ourselves what our mission is in the military, it is to defend our country. If Tinubu approaches me and asks for my opinion on certain matters or proposes working together for the betterment of our nation, why would I refuse? This country has also trained and shaped me. The military honed my skills, and I have traversed different parts of the world, undergoing training and engaging in exercises. Therefore, we must be willing to give back to the system and positively impact the younger generation, bringing smiles to their faces.”

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Reflecting on the reasons behind the People’s Democratic Party’s defeat in the 2023 general elections, George pointed out that the party’s leaders had marginalized certain regions of the country. He explained, “They divided Nigeria into six geopolitical zones and assigned top positions to each zone, ensuring that each region received its fair share. After eight years, all positions in the North would be transferred to the South, thus resolving the perpetual issue of the majority benefiting while the minority remained mere spectators. I have not seen a better system. However, when the All Progressives Congress (APC) initially came into power, they dismissed the idea of zoning, claiming it was nonsense and that they would not adhere to it. But what happened in the end? Where was President Buhari from? Where was Vice President Osinbajo from? Where were the Speaker and the Senate President from? This became a major problem that the PDP failed to address, leading us to our downfall, as the national chairman emerged from the same North where the presidential candidate hailed from. It was disheartening because we were heading back to the very situation we tried to avoid, but our concerns were ignored. The repercussions of these decisions are now evident.”

George concluded his remarks by making a metaphorical reference, stating, “There are no more monkeys in Idanre (Ondo State).” He added, “When we attempted to highlight the fact that the South West had been left behind and excluded from their calculations, they told us to wait until after the elections. We agreed, stating that we would also take appropriate action after the elections. Now, we are witnessing the consequences of those actions.”